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Joan Baron

Joan Baron was born in the Ohio farmland. She grew up with her feet and creative hands in the soil. She grew up with Mother Earth. She would help her mother in the garden and make clay bowls for the family of seven to eat from. Her journey as an artist and a product designer from her roots is full of creative expression. Best known in the design community as a tile artist, her resume as an artist and activist is vast. She devotes her time and energy to causes that reinforce her dedication to the soil, to the earth, and the community living off its’ bounty. Her history includes study trips through Mexico researching colors and tile patterns. The design of a southwest series of tiles and architectural embellishments. Her early development and use of textured and three-dimensional tile in her design work was innovative and a precursor to todays hottest trends. Joan lives like an artist. With a studio, garden and home that reflect her values and style. Her work with the community is now the most rewarding. Working on public art projects with the community brings her full circle. She now mentors’ others to get “earthing”, connected to the soil, the energy of the earth. Just like she was born to do.