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Diane Jacobs

Diane Jacobs is a community driven architect. She was born in NYC, raised in Puerto Rico, educated in Tucson and trained in Boston. Her movement made her an outsider, but she found a home on the inside. By being part of the community. Joining it, learning about it, working for it, and eventually leading it. It is where she finds comfort and a sense of belonging. Understanding that, you understand her work. Her passion for her community, its’ people, identifying and solving its’ problems, is her personal joy. She founded Holly Street Studios in 1999 and began building her stellar team. Joined by her husband, architect Michael Jacobs, they have created a community-based office. One where they share the process of design, working together, engaging the community, and leading the design process. Their focus on community drives their passion for design, constantly challenging them and rewarding them. Just like Diane.