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Diane Jacobs is a community driven architect. She was born in NYC, raised in Puerto Rico, educated in Tucson and trained in Boston. Her movement made her an outsider, but she found a home on the inside. By being part of the community. Joining it, learning about it, working for it, and eventually leading it. It is where she finds comfort and a sense of belonging. Understanding that, you understand her work. Her passion for her community, its’ people, identifying and solving its’ problems, is her personal joy. She founded Holly Street Studios in 1999 and began building her stellar team. Joined by her husband, architect Michael Jacobs, they have created a community-based office. One where they share the process of design, working together, engaging the community, and leading the design process. Their focus on community drives their passion for design, constantly challenging them and rewarding them. Just like Diane.

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Roberta Thomas was an artistic child, but when her parents rolled out a set of “old school” blueprints, for a new home, she was hooked. She tried drafting at school and found her skills. At ASU she found her passion, with a degree in architecture. She found experience at a top design firm, and then launched her own firm in 1996. She conceived Evolution Design as team driven firm focused on the evolution of the design process. Now celebrating 25 years, the five principal team and a dozen top staffers create award winning deigns for commercial clients. As a boutique interior architectural firm, they can cross design styles and project types to serve interesting clients. It is the teams’ passion that drives the design. The “family” style work environment lives to work hard and play hard. And win design awards!

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Danielle grew up in Mesa, with parents in the pool construction business. She would use her business and computer skills to land a job as a construction estimator and project manager. She won over her male coworkers by being better prepared and more knowledgeable about the plans and designs. After multiple career opportunities, she landed at Hardison Downy Construction. There she spent 10 years building over $130 Million dollars worth of high-quality commercial spaces. Developing personal-client relationships and a reputation for getting things done, now! In 2013 she started Thrive Construction, driven to give personal service to her clients and to give back to the community. Her design/build boutique construction firm works only by referral and strives to create the personal bond of partnership and community. Now doing both residential and commercial projects, they focus on building with purpose and to impact the lives of people they serve.

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Margaret Joplin grew up in Oklahoma, but her journey to Prescott Valley made Arizona her natural home. Living in the high desert she found a job at a local nursery. Mentored by the academic owner, she was immersed in the world of plants. She built her plant expertise from his base. Understanding plant species and growing conditions. She formalized that knowledge with a Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson. There she founded her own firm, Design Collaborations, and began her professional and business adventures. She immersed herself in the Public Art culture. There she found her voice and was able to collaborate with the community. Her work was soon recognized by homeowners, and her residential career was born. Now combining all of her interest and specialties, she works with her husband and team to create her visions of design solutions for her clients.

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Joan Baron was born in the Ohio farmland. She grew up with her feet and creative hands in the soil. She grew up with Mother Earth. She would help her mother in the garden and make clay bowls for the family of seven to eat from. Her journey as an artist and a product designer from her roots is full of creative expression. Best known in the design community as a tile artist, her resume as an artist and activist is vast. She devotes her time and energy to causes that reinforce her dedication to the soil, to the earth, and the community living off its’ bounty. Her history includes study trips through Mexico researching colors and tile patterns. The design of a southwest series of tiles and architectural embellishments. Her early development and use of textured and three-dimensional tile in her design work was innovative and a precursor to todays hottest trends. Joan lives like an artist. With a studio, garden and home that reflect her values and style. Her work with the community is now the most rewarding. Working on public art projects with the community brings her full circle. She now mentors’ others to get “earthing”, connected to the soil, the energy of the earth. Just like she was born to do.

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Lisa Sette was a curious child, raised in Connecticut, with an eye attracted to art. She moved to Arizona to study at ASU under a mentor and fell in love with the desert life. With a start in fine art and fine art printing, she opened her own gallery, Lisa Sette Gallery.​ Now with 36 years experience, she is a master of her craft, supported by a team of talented women. Her years of experience and trained eye has allowed her to create a gallery of international scope and prestige. Representing nationally recognized artists and constantly searching for new talent that connects and moves her. She looks for art that addresses the issues of our times and is original in concept and viewpoint. Always looking forward, always looking for the unique creative vision and viewpoints of artists.

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The University of Arizona School of Environment + Natural Resources II (ENR2), Designed by Richard + Kennedy Architects, with landscape design by Colwell Shelor, is located on a former asphalt parking lot. The building addresses’ grand challenges in environmental sciences by integrating across the boundaries of biology, physical science, resource management, and international resource issues. The ENR2 landscape is a high-performance landscape that operates as an outdoor learning laboratory for sustainable design in the southwest. The landscape demonstrates sustainable strategies of climate control, urban wildlife and pollinator habitat, air cleansing, water harvesting as well as mitigating climate and human comfort.