A La Carte

Six issues per year

Horizontal Full Page Ad
Equal to 2 page spread print magazine ad
Vertical 1/2 Page Ad
Equal o full page print magazine ad
Production Fees
Our Services to Finalize Your Ad
URL Web Link
Link to Your Website from Your Ad
Multiple Image Web Links
Multiple Links to Image Websites
Video Insert
Your Video Inserted into Your Ad


Basic Event Post
Post Your Event Name and Time on Our Calendar
Deluxe Event Post
Post your Event Description, Location, and Contact Info.
Event Poster Attachment
Attach your Own Full Page Flyer About Your Event
Event Tile Ads in Rotation
Cube Ads Displayed in Directory and Event Pages
Event Tile Ads Production Fee
Our Services to Create a Tile Ad for You

Web Directory
Directory Listings

Basic Directory Listing
List your Name, Phone and Email
Business Description
Your Business Description, Location, Contact Info.
Your Logo in the Directory Line Up
URL Web Link
Link to Your Website from Directory
Profile Page
Detailed Portfolio Profile of Your Company
Premium Directory Listing
Additional Profile for Catalogs, Manufacturers, Additional Services
Tile Ads on Website
Mini Ads on Directory and Event Pages in Rotation
Tile Ads on Home Page
Ads Appear on Home Page Tiles in Rotation
Tile Ads Production
Our Services to Produce Your Ad
Social Media Posts
Our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Posts About Your Business or Event
Direct Email Single Vendor
Direct Target Your Market with our Exclusive Email Sales Tool
$3000/One Time